Beta Reading

Photo Credit: Vanessa M.D

I do beta readings as I’m very interested in the editing process. Please note that I don’t do grammar proofreading, i.e. I will only review content.
I will not charge for my service as this is not (yet) a business website. However, rest assured that my feedback will be constructive and honest, with in-document comments and based on my training in literary studies. The reason I beta-read is that by reviewing other texts I can reflect on my own writing process—learning by doing, as they say.

I am interested in:

  • Exciting stories with believable characters and unique voices, well-crafted dialogue, witty heroines and a bit of romance.
  • At the moment I’m actively seeking YA stories with a strong coming-of-age theme, sci-fi in general but especially dystopia, horror, fantasy, historical fiction and clever crafted love stories.
  • I’m not so much into erotica and poetry (I love poetry, it’s just not my strong suit when it comes to analysis).
  • Also, I am not very keen on werewolf stories—by which I mean the ‘Alpha finds his Luna/mate’-variety. However, if you think you have found a new and original approach to the subject matter, I’m willing to give it a try.

If you are interested in having me beta-read your manuscript and/or excerpts, please contact me for further arrangements.