Photo Credit: Vanessa M.D.

Many, many years ago…

…I was still a student and attended a lecture on 20th-century American novels. We discussed famous authors, themes and symbols until the professor asked the room how many had tried to write a story themselves.

Fun fact #1: 95% of those present, including the professor, raised their hands.

Fun fact #2: I was one of the 5% who did not raise a hand.

Fun fact #3: I did write at the time but was too shy and intimidated to say so in public.

It took me more than ten years to admit to myself how much I loved writing, putting ideas on paper and seeing my thoughts transform into a coherent text. Engaging in creative writing was only a logical consequence, but my reluctance to be open about how I understood the world through writing fiction was prevailing….and to a small degree, it still is, I’m afraid.

So, a year ago, I decided to change that, and here I am: writing (and struggling) on my first novel-length story, while beta-reading other’s texts and finally going online with my website.

It is a challenging journey, indeed bristled with many failures and setbacks, but hopefully also with personal success, happiness and satisfaction about what I will achieve.

That being said, this website is my personal journal on the long road to becoming a strong writer. It’s a space where I share my opinions/suggestions on the writing process, write reviews, and offer beta-reading for those who are eager to hear what I have to say 🙂

Keep writing and reading, my dear friends, because the world desperately needs creative minds to make sense of this hell house.

Vanessa M. D.